Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for consultations, classes, and passes?

Preferred payment method is Cashapp. We DO take cash, and debit cards, you may also pay over the phone at: 804.852.8451 CASHAPP: $WORKOUTMARIA Cashapp is an easy to use app that can be downloaded on your smartphone if you do not already have it. Please Google instructions on how to download and use the Cashapp application, so that transactions between you and BBM are more efficient as this is the current preferred method of payment. Payments are taken in advance, BEFORE service is provided. Passes are received at the studio after receipt of payment is shown at the front desk.

What does the consultation consist of and how much is it?

Consultations are $50 at the studio or $45 over the phone. Consultations are real-life evaluations of your current mental and physical wellness and readiness. We aim to provide an unique starter package and meal plan to jumpstart your journey here at BBM! And before you ask, consultations are recommended, not required to take classes.

How much are the weekly and monthly passes?

Prices for passes are listed on our "Plans & Pricing" page. (Note: Passes cannot be purchased on "Plans & Pricing" page. (please Cashapp: $workoutmaria, come by the studio, or call 804.851.8452 to pay over the phone) Weekly passes are $25/week (no contract). Monthly passes are $70/month (no contract). All passes above include unlimited access to classes for the duration of the pass you choose.

Where can I find the schedule?

Schedules for classes are posted each week on Sunday night @workoutmaria or @bodybymariarva1. Follow us now!

Can I take only one class?

Yes! Individual classes vary between $5 - $10 which you will see on the schedule. 1. Spot the class you want to take 2. Cashapp: @workoutmaria (the price of the class listed on the schedule) 3. Show up!

What do I need to bring to classes?

An alligator, a toothpick, and a bag of marshmellows. But luckily, that was a joke! Come dressed in lightweight and comfortable clothing that you can workout and move freely in. We also recommend you bring a yoga mat, and a bottle of water.

Does BBM offer gift cards?

Yes. Cashapp: $workoutmaria ...for gift cards. Simple.

Do I have to be in the bikini contest? How do I join the Bikini Contest?

You do NOT have to be in the Bikini Contest. In order to pre-qualify for one of our themed bikini contests, you must schedule a consultation, become a member and attend classes fervently, commit to our fitness lifestyle, commit to your meal plan, remain accountable, and in addition, go through our very intense 8-week weight training 1-on-1 with our master trainer Maria. Lastly, you must pay the fee to compete in our bikini contest, prices vary and will be revealed during the season for training. So, I'm sure there are more prerequisites, but that's all I've got right now. For now, lets focus on you!

What is the refund policy?

No refunds are issued, ONLY RESULTS. The decision to enter business with BBM is as serious as buying a home, if...not MORE serious. Your body is your only TRUE home, your temple, and you only get one! Approaching BBM "The Home of Results" with even the slightest of interest in improving your health and physique, that is the moment we hold you mentally, physically, and financially acountable. We have the tools and the knowledge to meet and exceed your goals, so please come serious, and come correct. Welcome home!

Where is the studio located?

7007 Hull St. Rd, Richmond, VA 23224

What does "Unlimited Access" to ALL classes mean?

We like to make things as easy as possible around here, so it's exactly what you read! "Unlimited Access" to ALL classes on the schedule for the duration of the pass that you purchased. Instructions: Look on the schedule @workoutmaria or @bodybymariarva1 on Instagram, choose a class, and show up! YOU'RE IN! :)